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http://yachtchartergroup.com/?x=generic-viagra-drugs-compatibility The idea behind Rockstar is to give teenagers a way to learn that takes advantage of the power of today’s mobile devices. In our opinion this power is not being utilized enough when it comes to educational products. Too many educational apps are just “glorified” textbooks and notes. Our approach from the start has been to develop non-text based products so that teenagers can learn by seeing, hearing and interacting. We chose The Columbine Massacre as our first app because it touches the heart of middle schools and high schools everywhere. It is something every teenager can relate to and something every teenagers should know about. Who knows, maybe this app will help teenagers avoid such a disaster in the future! Soon we will release new titles on subjects directly related to the needs of teenagers. Our focus will be on 3 key areas: (1)Famous people (such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. (2)Famous events (such as The Columbine Massacre, 9/11 Attacks, etc.) and (3)Famous Writings (such as The Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc.). In all cases our apps will have the same look and feel. Also, we will strive to produce apps that are limited to about 1 hour long which is perfect for today’s busy teenagers! watch